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About Sweany Artworks

Sweany Artworks was created to preserve the legacy of Paul & Margaret Sweany, two of Indiana's finest latter 20th Century artists. It is my intention to honor their artwork and their memory while also supporting other artists who carry on their tradition of artistic excellence through this website.

Jaime Sweany


The Late, Great
Paul J Sweany

(1927 - 2009)

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Wandering Turtle Owner, Jaime Sweany and her three sisters were fortunate to be raised in a home filled with art, music, and creativity. Without her parents’ influence, Wandering Turtle Art Gallery would not have served the artistic community of Bloomington as a visual arts venue from 2003 - 2010.

Paul & Margaret Sweany were responsible for her own inspiration, creativity and love for the arts. Therefore, with much gratitude to both her parents Ms. Sweany features giclee reproductions of both her parents' artwork through Wandering Turtle's on-line shop.




Biography: The late Paul J Sweany was born in Indianapolis, IN, in 1927 (died July 13, 2009) and was a multi talented individual of rare proportions. He received his B.F.A. from John Herron School of Art in 1951. Paul was a prolific artist, best known for his watercolor paintings. His career included over 75 solo exhibitions, over 200 awards, and artwork in private collections the world over. He was an enthusiastic instructor, and taught art and art history at Orchard Country Day School, Park Tudor, John Herron School of Art, Marian College, the Indianapolis Arts Center and the Waldron (Bloomington). The IAC held a lifetime multi-media retrospective of Paul’s artwork in 2001, which included watercolors, oils, ceramics, enamel jewelry, intaglio, lithography, pen & ink, pencil, dry brush ink, silkscreen, photography and a book of his poetry. A great part of Paul’s legacy is to leave behind more beauty in the world than when he entered into it.



Paul spent many summers leading art history students on tours throughout Europe, enthusiastically sharing his love and knowledge for the Italian Renaissance, as well as all things Italian. Although he spent many summers traveling abroad as an instructor, he most enjoyed the later trips he took with his artistic partner and wife, Margaret Sweany. Together they explored their mutual appreciation of art, architecture and breathtaking European landscapes.

Paul was an avid nature lover and environmentalist, as was evident in his artwork and lifelong hobbies of raising orchids and bird watching. He saw beauty in even the most subtle and overlooked details which were depicted beautifully in his intricate watercolor paintings. Wandering Turtle Art Gallery is pleased to represent this legendary Indiana artist; a true “Renaissance” man.




The Late, Great Margaret L. Sweany


Margaret Sweany was born in Logansport, IN, in 1928. Her early love and talent for drawing drove her to be the first female drafting student in her high school. She was intrigued by engineering, architecture and constructing useful solutions for spatial needs. Her talents encompassed both two and three-dimensional work. Her first employment was as a
technician in a photo studio, and she remained an avid photographer throughout her life.

After graduating High School she moved to Indianapolis to pursue her career in art at John Herron School of Art. It was there she met and married well-known Indiana Artist, Paul J Sweany. Together they raised four daughters in an environment saturated by creativity, art
and music.

Margaret was best known for her astounding ceramic sculpture. She taught clay courses at the Indianapolis Art Center, where she & Paul were active teacher members for over 50 years. When they retired to Bloomington in 1999, she gave up her ceramic studio and began experimenting with oil paints. She continued to work in clay on a smaller scale until only days before she passed away. Wandering Turtle-On-Line is pleased to offer giclee reproductions of her paintings. They are a tribute to a multi-talented individual and her love for architecture, nature, color and travel. We are proud to represent the artwork of Margaret Sweany.

Fireplace Tools, pencil sketch by Margaret L. Sweany Margaret Sweany, 1950

Fireplace Tools
pencil sketch by Margaret L. Sweany


Margaret Sweany, 1950
Herron School of Art, Indianapolis

Paul Sweany at the Broadripple Art Fair, 1980's

Paul Sweany, Broad Ripple Art Fair, mid 1980s (Cathy Baehner in background)



Snow Buntings by Paul J Sweany is from the Naab Road Surgical Center collection

The Sweany Family, 1963: Paul, Jaime, Jessica, Margaret, Jenny & Justyn

Wingin' In is from the private collection of the Conley Family

Paul Sweany, Herron School of Art, Indianapolis, IN, 1950


Paul with his parents, Paul & Ruth

Paul & Margaret with
Jaime, Jenny Jessica & Justyn

Paul at Broadripple Art Fair, mid 1980's (Cathy Baehner in foreground)
The Indianapolis Art Center held a Lifetime Retrospective for Paul in September 2001

Margaret Sweany sculpting at the Indianapolis Art Center, 1993
Margaret Sweany sculpting at the Indianapolis Art Center, mid 1990's
Margaret Sweany painting at the Indpls Art League (Center) 1965
Margaret Sweany painting at the Indianapolis Art League (Center) 1965

Paul always found unusual vantages and compositions intriguing.
This painting from the Acropolis in Greece is from the private collection of John Gollnick

The paintings to the left and above
are from the private collection of
the Vondersaar Family


This painting of a canal in Venice Italy is from the Naab Road Surgical Center collection
White Cattleyas by Paul J Sweany
Jaime & Her Dad in Piazza San Marco,
Venice, Italy 1979
Jaime was deterring pigeons from leaving her with unwanted souvenirs

Time Expired, watercolor by Paul J Sweany

Time Expired is a painting which reflects Paul's dedication to and concern for our environment. This painting was inspired by a student's return trip to one of her favorite beaches from her youth and the discovery that it was littered with trash and debris.
Paul thought it the ultimate irony that she noted the entire row of parking meters read "Time Expired."


Sweany Family early 1990's.
Paul, Jenny, Jaime
Justyn, Margaret, Jessica

1995, painting the mural that was located behind the stage at Wandering Turtle
Margaret Sweany, sculpting, February, 2012
Margaret Sweany, sculpting, February, 2012

Jaime Sweany and her artist parents, Margaret & Paul Sweany

Jaime Sweany with her Mother & father, Margaret & Paul Sweany
Bloomington, IN, Summer 1980

I miss my parents, and I am grateful for their influence


Really, I think one's art goes only as far and as deep as one's love goes."
- Andrew Wyeth, 1

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