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Contributing Artists/Artisans

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Local & Regional Artwork:


Brian Gordy - giclee reproductions from original watercolor
Jane Jensen - giclee reproductions from original watercolors
Bonita Snellenberger - giclee repro-ductions from original oil & watercolors
Veda Stanfield - giclee reproductions and note card sets from original oil paintings

Tomato Divas oil painting by Veda Stanfield

Barb Lund - ceramic earring holders

Earring Holder by Barb Lund

Earring Holder, ceramics by Barb Lund

Steven Higgs - film & digital photography
Marty La Prees - Indiana Turtle Care, Inc photography
Tierney McGuire - digital photogpahy
Jaime Sweany - film & digital photography

B-Line Trail, digital photograph by Steven Higgs

Martina Celerin - B-Line Trail t-shirts

Martina Celerin - Sweater Petals
Mari Dagaz
- Rune Stone Creations
Kay Daniel - Origami Earrings
Julie Harries - Ravenwood glass pendants
Evan Knox - Evan Knox Designs, silver/copper jewelry
JoAnn Latvaitis - gomobyjo jewelry
Brent Thackery - hand blown glass pendants

Woodblock Prints:
Julie Harries - Autumn Carnival & Ravenwood prints and note card sets

Hand-colored woodblock print by Ravenwood

Hand-colored woodblock print by Ravenwood

Also Featuring these National Artists:
Linda Bark 'karie - Dia de los Muertos reproductions, note card sets and magnets from original paintings
Susan Bradshaw - handmade suncatchers
Stephanie Kiker - ceramic tiles, coasters, housewares with turtle imagery
Earth Dreams - jewelry by Gardella

Hummingbird & Morning Glories
watercolor by Paul J Sweany

More Painting:
Jaime Sweany - giclee reproduction and note cards from original oil paintings
Margaret Sweany - giclee reproductions  and notecard sets from original oil paintings
Paul J Sweany - litho & giclee reproductions and note card sets from original watercolors
Joel Washington - prints, signed by the artist, from original acrylic paintings

Freedom Jimi by Joel Washington

Freedom Jimi, acrylic painting by Joel Washington

Digital Compositions:
Ransom Haile - Multi-media, digital imagery

Bloomington Old Courthouse Limestone
by Ransom Haile

Intaglio & Litho Prints:

Earl Snellenberger - giclee reproductions and note card sets from original intaglios

Earl Snellenberger, giclee reproduction

giclee reproduction from Earl Snellenberger's Tattooed Swine of the World Series

Featuring these International Artists:

Original Paintings:


Monkhbat - Monkhbat was born in Mongolia where he started drawing and painting at the age of 10. He grew up playing along the banks of the Tuul River, in the midst of the beautiful and serene countryside of Mongolia, which is reflected in his paintings. Not only are his artistic ideas remarkably original, but all of his artworks are originals as well.

Couple on Horseback, painting by Monkhbat

Couple on Horseback, original painting by Monkhbat

Castillo Family - a well known family of artists from Pueblo, Mexico creates Dia des los Muertos figurines and merchandise.


"One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams." - Salvadore Dali (1904-1989)
Spanish Surrealist Artist


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