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Fabric Art/Quilts by RJ Trubitt

RJ Trubitt with one of her beautiful quilts in 2010
RJ Trubitt with one of her quilts in 2010
(photo courtesy of the Bloomington Herald Times)

Bloomington resident, RJ Trubitt has been a fixture in the local quilting scene for many years. She has participated in quilting exhibitions and competitions in the region and won multiple awards through her lengthy artistic career.

In 2012, she served as Artist in Residence at the T.C. Steele State Historical Site in Belmont, IN. She gave workshops and demonstrations, including an introduction to rotary cutting and machine piecing. She also hosted a quilters' circle.

Rosemary’s talents to do not stop at fabric and needle, she is also an actress. In 2011, RJ was cast in the role of the piano teacher in the Jewish Theater of Bloomington’s stage version of “Hiding in the Spotlight” (written by Candy Dawson and directed by Darrell Ann Stone). The play revealed the terror and resourcefulness of two youngsters, a 14-year-old piano prodigy who had been performing on Soviet radio since early childhood and her musical 12-year-old sister, who escaped from the death march that killed all the other Jews in their city. Eventually they survived by playing for Nazi soldiers, often at slave labor camps. After the war the sisters immigrated to the United States, where they were among the first refugees to study at Juilliard, and where Zhanna Arshanskaya Dawson later joined the piano faculty at Indiana University.

Rosemary has a generous heart and has been an active volunteer for most of her life, dedicating her time, energy, love (and quilts!) to causes she believes in. We are lucky to have such a wonderful, talented, caring woman enhancing our community on so many levels!

Sweany Artworks/Wandering Turtle ON-Line is proud to offer RJ's beautiful quilts through our On-Line shop. The Jewish Theater of Bloomington



Photo: left to right seated,
Mary Carol Reardon and Claire Matson; left to right standing Frank Buzcolich & R.J. Trubitt





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